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KPT-Magnetgehäuse Housing with or
without flange
Installation: In regulated damper systems, chassis, vibration absorber
Special features: High precision with or without downstream
CNC machining, rack goods
KPT Buchse Cold formed parts:
Installation: Chassis – wishbone/tie bar – connector between wheel
carrier and control/trailing arms
Special features: Highest demands on shape tolerances with or
without downstream CNC machining, rack goods, raw material
properties, net shape casting is possible for suitable designs.
Leichtbau-Mutter Geometrically and material-optimised
lightweight nut
Installation: Safety-related applications
Special features: Globally patented, significant reduction in mass,
conventional screw technology assured, with or without
prevailing torque system
LKW Mutter Wheel nuts
for trucks
Installation: Fastening of light-alloy truck wheels
Special features: Cost-efficient cold forming in net
shape quality, functional performance for frequent
wheel changes due to the friction-optimised coating
and high corrosion resistance
Scheibenmutter Washer nuts with connecting
sleeve and H³C prevailing
torque system
Installation: Various safety-related applications
Special features: Freely rotating washers, constant and
defined frictional coefficients, technical efficiency
can be precisely defined
Getriebemutter Precision-turned
transmission nuts
Installation: Transmissions
Special features: Run-out tolerances, residual
soiling requirements, various securing methods


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