Know how 

Knowing how quality works

Technical expertise
Even though many HEWI products have become the technical standard, we are constantly focusing on our products‘ technical optimisation and innovative power because it is a critical factor for success in a global competitive landscape. This focus is evident in the many awards and patents for products in our locknut segment, where HEWI Fasteners is a leader in the automotive market.
HEWI’s latest developments involve optimising the geometric design of nuts and cold formed parts. Rotationally symmetric cold formed parts, where we have increased intrinsic strength by applying historical changes in form, are one example. This approach incorporates the way that materials, construction, manufacturing and functionality interact into the overall design strategy.

Know how in quality and process management
In order to attain the highest possible quality standards in our HEWI products, we demand and foster processes that are consistently transparent, economic, stable and productive. This includes seamless control with a variety of suitable measuring procedures of the most modern and fully equipped testing and measuring installations.
The Kaizen method enables us to create value for our clients exactly where they need it while managing our efficiency and effectiveness. The results, besides enhanced product quality, include lower costs, reduced resource waste and shorter throughput times.
These certifications testify to the quality of our services:

Our aspiration 

The values we champion at HEWI

Our environmental policy
At HEWI, we strive every day to achieve innovative solutions to continuously improve our management systems, products and processes, as well as our environmental performance to conserve the resources we use. Part of this means paying special attention to:

  • procuring and using sustainable materials and auxiliary materials;
  • the reliability and long useful life of our products;
  • the recyclability of the product components;
  • the optimised manufacturing methods and the reduction of scrap; and
  • the prevention, re-use or environmentally friendly disposal of waste.

We communicate this awareness to both our employees and our business partners and facilitate compliance with all relevant environmental regulations. Various prizes and awards, such as the Environmental Technology Prize or the Resource Efficiency Award for our patented lightweight nut, impressively demonstrate our commitment to doing business responsibly.


Our Quality Policy
As an automotive supplier of safety-related parts, HEWI offers fastening elements and cold formed parts that live up to the highest customer-specific standards to reliably ensure your safety in a car.
In the context of our recertification from ISO/TS 16949 to IATF 16949, we are following a continual improvement process and defining measures to prevent mistakes and risks with the aim of increasing the satisfaction of our customers.